Features Overview

The Bunker SLO has had some amazing artists and craftspeople grace the building over the years. Check out this listing of all the talent that has graced our halls (ok halls might be a bit much but you get it).


Neal Breton

My buddy Neal is something else. He is an amazing painter, a super dad and a connector of people. Neal is a wonder and a talent who just wants to make the world a more arty place.

Follow Neal on Instagram, or check out his website.


Kirstin Kallal

Inspired by European folk art, Russian nesting dolls, Art Deco, and the occasional fat bird, Kirstin applies her unique printmaking style to creating imagery of the California Central Coast. She is a super mom and a sweet sweet soul…you can see it in her work.

Follow Kirstin on Instagram, or head over to her Etsy storefront!


Live Local Apparel

Shirts screenprinted by hand, created to celebrate nature, adventures, friendly humans, and the best cities on earth. Livelocal Apparel.

You can find their shirts all over SLO, and at a number of California museums, airports, and National Parks.


Tony Girolo

Otherwise known on the "streets" as the Bunker Ninja, Tony Girolo works for the city by day, and sneaks in to the Bunker after dark to work on his paintings.

The Bunker ninja is elusive. We only register his presence by the fact that his paintings continue to progress.

To keep tabs on the resident ninja, follow him on Instagram.


Melisa Beveridge

Melisa is a straight up powerhouse of awesome. She can draw and paint and is always smiling. Melisa is a lover of all pets and is a true talent.

Learn more about Melisa on her website.


Irene Flores

Irene was the #2 Bunkmate in the very beginning and is an amazing illustrator. Irene and her wife Ashley are a writing/illustrating team of the greatest “How To Draw Manga” books and Irene is a staple at many Comic Cons all over.

Learn more about Irene at her website or on her Instagram


Bret Brown

There are few words to describe an amazing artist like Bret. Bret is incredibly talented, a deep thinker and also a super great human. great artist, awesome dad and always ready with a smile…we love us some Bret!

Find out more about the awesomeness that is Bret on Instagram


Chris Daly

Chris is an artsy super dad that loves to create. He paints, he is a film maker, a photographer and more. He is also the most fashionable gent to ever grace The Bunker.

Why is Chris so awesome? Find out on his Instagram


Jeff Claassen

Jeff is a non-stop, whirl-wind of creative energy. A born and raised SLO boy, Jeff is always making cool stuff. Currently he is the owner on Viva Paso, is a stellar dad and is an avid vlogger. Check him out.

Learn more about Jeff and his many projects on Instagram or visit his online store

You can also visit Viva Paso and if you go by the shop you might even have a sighting!


Liz Nagel

Do you like sweet treats and amazing people….well Liz Nagel is amazing and is always surrounded by her magical goodies. She is a wonderful mama and is always glittery and rainbowy and smiley.

Learn more about Liz and her sweet treats on her Instagram page