About Our Workshop Leaders

Here is a list of our current workshop leaders. More will be coming for sure and if you want to teach a workshop get in touch with missyreitnercameron@gmail.com. Thanks.

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Jennifer de Tréglodé

Jennifer de Tréglodé comes from a family of multi-generational sewers. She found her calling as a textile artist in her 20s when she fell in love with the upcycle movement where she was able to incorporate her love for the environment with her love of creating with textiles. She went on to spearhead the local Swap-O-Rama-Rama, a community clothing swap and series of DIY sewing and craft workshops, for 3 years. Currently she enjoys weaving her love of teaching and textile arts by offering workshops to the local community and to travelers via Airbnb Experiences. Beyond that she creates unique handmade home and event décor as well as offers home craft and tea parties for individuals and businesses. 

Dara Rosenwasser

Dara Rosenwasser is a practicing Central Coast artist with a background in strengthening community through visual storytelling and oral history projects. She received her MFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute and her BFA in photography from Seattle University. She has worked as a visual artist since 2005, and continues to exhibit her work on a national level.

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Kirstin Kallal

Bunkmate Kirstin Kallal  is inspired by European folk art, Russian nesting dolls, Art Deco, and the occasional fat bird. Kirstin applies her unique printmaking style to creating imagery of the California Central Coast.